Susan Short is an English artist best known for landscapes.  

EverydayThings:  A Letter in Mind.   This exhibition is now online, all proceeds to the              National Brain Appeal.

As Galleries are closed due to the pandemic please enquire by email, or follow me on Instagram or Twitter for information about work and exhibitions.

Fireworks over the Thames, woodcut 36x46cm


Shady Path, woodcut, 34x38cm

Brick Lane, London. woodcut 45x50cm (17.5×20″) ed.50

Chill Out Time, linocut, 21.5x25cm (8×9 3/4″) ed 100. £80

Washing my Paws, linocut 21.5x25cm  (8×9 3/4″) ed100 £80

Instagram:  susan

Twitter: @s_short1


All work is copyright.